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Because the sun is up so early (5:30), we were all up again early and on the road by 7:30. Drove the 100k or so to Halls Creek where we fueled up and visited the Information Centre. The town is very well kept and like Turkey Creek there is a lot of new housing development for the indigenous. The 300 odd k drive from Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing is a continuous contrast in landscape and scenery. There are a couple of free camping spots along the way but nothing else. We saw about a dozen vehicles in total for the 4 hours of driving. Initially you have all the ranges and rocky outcrops that then give way to wide open plains sometimes there are literally millions of termite mounds and then 100 m down the road there are none. As we get closer to Fitzroy Crossing large escarpments and table top plateaus can be see on the horizon (a little like the scenes from an old western movie. One particular beautiful spot is where you drive through a gap - on one side are the brown and red mountains of a range and on the other is the volcanic extrusion with the road separating the two. Further along you feel you are in country like around Uluru - red, sandy and flat country. We saw plenty of bird life with enormous eagle and a pair of Jabirus standing beside the road. Just on the banks of the Fitzroy River there is a resort/caravan park - a green oasis in the stark and dry landscape. Our place for lunch and the night. Brenton was happy - he could get TV reception again. Not fussed on the free camping idea. He also loved the fact that there was a big pool to swim in and a tennis court to play tennis.

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