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A very old cemetary

WE found Coast Tire in Moncton quite easily and purchased a new tire and left the RV to have it installed. We used the car to go in search of service for the leveling system. Helpful suggestions from three different places eventually got us the Maritime Hydraulics that said they could look at it if we could come back on Monday. They also said that the last one they looked at was just a leaking o-ring so Garry has his hopes up that the problem can be resolved easily. We killed time by going the Magnetic Mountain in Moncton. Here you drive your car to the bottom of a hill, about like Silin Forest Road in Ft Mac or Sixth Street from Rosser to Pacific in Brandon, then put the car into neutral and then the car then moves backward back up the hill by itself. A very cool effect. Garry says optical illusion but I am not so sure. Moncton is full of friendly helpful people and is very easy to get around with a map in hand. Tire installed, and re-connected the car and off to Shediac. The drive is definitely quieter and smoother, no more rattling screen door. Yahoo.

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