'On the road again' with L.P. travel blog

flying to coldfoot

big town


look framilar? ice road truckers

can't believe they get sat signal

guess which side is north

didn't see the bear but he was here

only bridge that crosses yukon

yukon river bridge wood deck

look oil!! pipeline I mean


while in fairbanks, flew to coldfoot, and then drove back. stopped for pic's at the artic circle. saw miles and miles of pipeline. the pipeline is not attached at all, but just sitting on it's supports, so it can move. they say it moves as mush as 6 feet with temp changes, and when they had earthquake few yrs ago, it moved so much some even came off supports, without being damaged!!

Was hpoing to see northen lights, but this time of year it's only dark enough long about 1 to 3 at night, and then of course it has to be clear.

sure can't complian about weather, it's been awsome. Wangon master says last year it was cold and raining most of the whole trip, we have clouds, but very little rain, and where they say avg high temps should be high 60's, we've had 80's.

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