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Smith Rock

In the park

From the top

Along the river

In case a climber.......!


New bridge from old one

Canyon overlook near Redmond


Aug. 21,  2012

Sorry to have gotten behind with this. It is tough to be off the grid.

Drove to Smith Rock State Park, known for rock climbing.  Even this early Tuesday morning there were people climbing.  We hiked part of it.  Quite lovely. 

The ag land around the area is producing carrots for seed, wheat, alfalfa hay, onions for seed and other stuff.  There was a crop duster busy and farmers were using tractors pulling large propane tanks, with 20ft wide burners behind that, burning rubble off fields.  Not sure what that was all about since the air was already full of smoke from a forest wildfire only 25 miles away.

The geology of the Cove Palisades State Park is awesome.  Amazing strata.  we will be back to this area someday.  It is beautiful.

One of the highway overlooks north of Redmond was interesting.  I have seen a lot of canyons and 'escarpments' but I had never seen signs about dogs being killed by cliffs before.  And other overlooks as deep or deeper seemed to be quite similar, with no such signs.  Just a little strange.

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