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L&E on the hydrofoil to Macau



Town Square

Portugese buildings and signs in Macau


We finally made it to Macau!! The last time we were here, Nigel wanted to check out Macau, but we didn't have time.

We took a hydrofoil/jetfoil to Macau --it had a Boeing engine. This thing was fast, and pretty smooth. When we got to there, we jumped onto a bus, which took us into the central part of town. There was a lovely square with a huge fountain. All the surrounding architecture was very European (figures, Macau was under the Portuguese influence for a long time). As we strolled through the alleyways, Macau felt a lot like Hong Kong, only not as clean (yes, HK is clean. For those originally from HK, they may think we are nuts, but yes, to us, HK is pretty clean for a such a busy city!).

We shopped for a while, went to visit the large Buddhist temple, then caught a view of the Macau tower and harbourfront. Though there were tonnes of casinos, we didn't step into one.

When we got back to HK, we had a huge craving for Shanghainese cuisine (more specifically, steamed pork dumplings!!). Thanks to Lammie's friend Po-Ling, we found a great place in Causeway Bay at Time Square.

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