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hope you guys are enjoying winter at home!

Rach with her friends class doing abit of english teaching

worlds largest rodent

dinner with rachs old friend marcia


milking shed

rach hard at work


brazillian milk truck

Hi Guys,

Well we made it to Campo Grande and have mangaged to track down most of my friends, Honk (or as they like to call him here, Arnold or Geraldo hahaha) is fitting right in. He is a great success here even though he can't speak much portugese...I'm not as interesting now as this is my third time..I'm old news! We have travelled about three hours out of the city to visit other friends who took us on a boat ride and a swim in the river..I made sure not to be first or last as I didn't want to be somethings dinner, but they tell me not to worry, they only have a few crocodiles, pirana and snakes, nothing serious.

It is hot as here, 33 degrees today and the tan is starting to come along nicely though the mosquito bites are pretty much covering most of that.

We are going to me my brazilian host dad today, Ricky in the village I used to live in and are going to his farm for a couple of days. It will be even hotter there with even more mosquitos but it should be very interesting.

My friends are just great, everyone is doing really well and they are takinl,g us all over the place...these people don't seem to sleep much.

Still not having much luck with the photos as the computer here is pretty slow, we will try again another time, until then you will just have to put up with my bla bla blas.

congrats on the car mum, flash ay. well done jess on ya excellent game last weekend, it sounds like you really did us proud, I have told everyone here about you.

get on jannys case to log on and have a look, she hasn't even sent me and email yet boo hoo. dad, not sure if you are reading posts either as no msg from you, but Arletes husband remembered you very well and said you should come back to see all the changes he has made to the farm. I gave him a can of Tui we had brought with us and told him you had sent it. He was thrilled.

Catherine and Mum thanks for popping in to our place. I have been showing everyone the photos of my lambs last year, they love them. Hopefully there will be more orphans for me when I get home.


honk and rach

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