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Tara and our granddaughter sitting in our MH

Just watching the fire.

Papa and granddaughter watching the stump burn.

Granddaughter arranging the firewood into a pretend fire pit.

Back from playing frisbee golf.

Turkeys - taken thru the sun screen over the windshield of the...

THE stump by late Sunday afternoon.

Cool cloud formation

SUNDAY: After breakfast this morning we went to church here to a church we have never been to before but one that some of our former neighbors in Romeoville attend. Only they weren't there. But we did sit with their daughter and son-in-law and caught up on a lot of what they have been doing. Later I called Mary and we talked for over half and hour (that's good as neither one of us likes to talk on the phone.)

After we got back to Mark's we took off with them to the Bass Pro shop in Bolingbrook for lunch. Dad and I had the Eastern Seafood Platter which was soft shelled crab, crab cakes and clam strips. Loved the clam strips but can't say I was thrilled about the rest. Crab cakes were mostly bread crumbs and the soft shelled crab wasn't that soft a shell.

Then we went looking for sleeping bags and other camping stuff for them to come camp with us next weekend.

We left for Stronghold a bit late but had an uneventful trip home. No deer in the road this time.

MONDAY: Back at cleaning the shop today. As you can see from the pictures – I was able to get the automotive cabinet cleaned out. A lot was thrown away as it had no use. Now they can see what they have and if they need to throw more away – it will be an easy job. They also don't have to look on 3 different shelves for fuses to find the right one and the same with new bulbs for the lights.

TUESDAY: Today, Ron worked more in the shop and I went over to the volunteer center and swept it out. No one had been in there in a long time so I swept out a huge pile of dead bugs and dust bunnies. Then I moved all the roll-away cots into one place and tackled sorting out material. Later in the afternoon Sue (a volunteer) joined me in the room. She is making and repairing costumes for the Olde English Faire. In the afternoon, I measured the room we are redecorating and then came back to the rig to print off some graph paper and transfer the measurements to the paper.

WEDNESDAY: Back at the shop – this time I tackled the paint cabinet. I'm shoveling out the mouse (I hope - but are pretty big) nests and leavings, sweep out years of caked on dust and repeat until I find the cement floor or the steel shelves.

Any spray that wouldn't spray or any can that wouldn't slosh went in the dumpster. Then I washed out the cabinet and put them back by type. Spray paint (for rust and for plastic), small cans of paint for signs, larger cans of paint for bigger signs, gallons of pool paint, stain, varnish, poly, and also patching materials. Put all the paintbrushes and tools on one shelf. It looks pretty good now if I do say so myself.

Ron is sorting tools on the workbenches. Putting sets of drivers and wrenches together, throwing broken ones, and power blowing years of dust and sawdust. We look like we've been playing in the dirt when we get done - but it is worth it.

THURSDAY: Back working on the room in the castle. I picked out some material as samples and took the drawings and material to the office. Jan said that she would be doing some shopping over the weekend and needed measurements of the windows and how much material I would need for the day bed. She took the samples to get something in that color range but in a solid color. I'm to use the material I found for pillows, etc. She liked my room design.

Then back to the shop for the rest of the afternoon – finished up another area and then headed to the MH for a nap. After a shower, however as I felt like I had creepy crawlies in my hair.

After supper we went over to the main building and did a load of laundry. I made Ron go with me as that basement is just too spooky at night.

FRIDAY: Finished cleaning out the area next to the paint cabinet. Then washed up some plastic bins and other things that I had found in the cabinets. Also swept the floor and just generally tidied the area I had been working in. Ron helped me fasten a board with nails on the paint cabinet door to hold paintbrushes and can openers.

After work Ron went to town for some groceries while I cleaned the rig and folded clothes from last night. Then we put up Mark's tent and blew up the mattresses. It was a good thing that we did that as they didn't get here until almost 10 pm. After a quick hello and a potty stop, we all headed to bed.

SATURDAY: Saturday morning started off with pancakes. The kind that only Grannys can make!! After that the kids went off exploring the countryside and Papa and Granny stayed home. They came back and stated that the pizza place they wanted to go to for lunch was only open for dinner – so scrape the BBQ – we went out for pizza.

After we came back we made a fire so DGD#6 could have s'mores – after all what is camping without s'mores. Several weeks ago a big tree blew down near our campsite. We made a fire there, and as of Sunday afternoon have burned a lot of the stump away.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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