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The Square from Hotel Balcony

Nazare Beach from the Harbour Wall

Headland beyond Sitio

Outer Harbour

Lighthouse at Harbour entrance

Outer and Inner Harbour

The beach and Harbour Wall

We came to Nazare to relax and that is what we did today. We had breakfast then went for a walk in the "real" town, as opposed to the tourist are by the beach. It was interesting to see people sitting out talking, others going for their groceries and yet others taking barrows of goods to an from stores. We returned to the hotel and we sat in the spacious lounge adjacent to the front desk and Christine read and I worked on the Church newsletter. We went out to get provisions for lunch and went to a greengrocers a little way away and bought two bananas, two clementines, a peach and a litre bottle of cold water for less than $2.50. Things are really cheap here. Closer to the hotel we picked up a couple of pastries which cost slightly more than the items.

We returned to the hotel to consume them and read for quite a while. Later in the afternoon when the fierce heat had gone from the sun I walked along the sea front to the harbour and took a few photos. I returned to the hotel and we got ready for dinner.

We returned to the restaurant where we had eaten on the first night here and again had a really good meal. It always surprises me how quickly things change when you move even a short distance off the well trodden tourist path. The two restaurants we have enjoyed have been barely two blocks off the main sea front road, yet the price has been significantly lower and the quality of both food and service superior. I suppose I should not be surprised as we had noted the same thing in Paris several years ago. We skipped dessert and went round the corner and had ice cream cones. We ate them as we walked along the seafront and did our usual walk, picking up a couple of postcards on the way back.

Nazare is a fishing village and the smell of fish pervades the atmosphere. No matter where you are the smell lingers. Even with my limited nasal sense, I can smell it. I think whenever I smell fish in the future I will be reminded of Portugal, and Nazare in particular.

Tomorrow we head for Lisbon by bus.

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