Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog

On the boat!

Nialls improve shoes!

Waiting for the rear!

Crater lake!

The view!

Mango hunting

My feet after!

Back down the mountain we went in the direction of the Nicaraguan boarder at Rivas! The bus seemed a bit less ominous without the thunder and lightening but the view down the couple of hundredg feet drops were still pretty cool! To get to the boarder we had to get the first local bus down the mountain and then (hopefully) intercept the central American Tica bus on the main centroamerica highway... Which is a single lane road not much wider than two cars!! So there we were left on the side of the road with nothing in site apart from a few other nervous looking tourists! 

Eventually A bus came which wasn't a Tica but the gamble worked out as it was going all the way to the boarder for 5 dollars instead of 28!  Getting off at the boarder was something new again on the Costa Rican side as loads of men with massive wads of cash came up to us hustling exchange rates! Once we were through that ordeal and stamped out of costa rica it was like stepping back in a time machine or featuring in a trocaire tv ad! What made it worse was the fact we only had a handful of dollars between us and there was a few more gringo taxes than expected! An Israeli who was running away from her 3years national service came to the rescue and lent us some money until we could get a banco automatica on the other side of no mans land! From there it was a taxi to San Jorge and the ferry to ometepe island, the ferry was also a bit of an experience as well as they started playing an ultra violent film on the two big tvs called machete with all families and kids watching it! Don't think film ratings travel well over here anyway! 

Ometepe island is made up of two volcanos, the larger one le conception has a pretty much permanent halo of clouds on it and is much more volcanoy looking than the smaller greener one, the two are than connected by a spit of land where everyone lives.. The island is absolutely huge though for being in the middle of the lake as it was a good 40min drive to our accomodation in little Morgan's! The place was nice as we got our own cabana and it had a really cool 3 story tree house over looking the bay on one side and the sunset going down over le concepcion! After we settled in and watched the sunset we wandered back down to the bar for dinner and randomly bumped into the two girls who finally made it back across the boarder! So all reunited we made a plan of the next two days to do alto de agua, which were springs and shit! The next day we were booked in for a 7am start up the smaller volcano on a solid 8hour uphill trek! Turns out though that the smaller volcano was the harder walk as it was pretty steep and because of the forest the track was constantly mucky and slippy as ice!! We eventually managed it up with me being first to the top! After scrambling down into the crater we got to go for a dip in the lake which was up to your knees deep in mud and freezing cold but was just what the doctor ordered after a long walk!!! 

The way down is where things got really fun as the girls were only wearing runners and thus spent a lot of the time on there arses! We did get to see a great viewing point though of both bays on the island and le concepcion. Long story short though a 8hour trek turned out to be 10 as we dragged ourselves in well after sunset! A major bonus though was that we got to pick fresh mangos off a few trees at the bottom of the volcano that tasted absolutely amazing! 

Because the trek took so long we ended up missing the last ferry and had to stay another night but turned out to be good Craic as it was trivia night and our two teams came first and second overall! Go team Ireland! 

Next up is San juan del sur for first time surfing!!!

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