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Sitio on the clifftop

Funicular from Nazare to Sitio

We had a really lazy day today. We had a later breakfast up in the breakfast room which seems to take up most of the top floor of the hotel with views all around. The hotel is about the tallest building in this part of town. We got ready for the beach and went and enquired at the front desk as to how the beach works. There are some strange rules in Europe about beaches. We borrowed a towel and a sunshade umbrella with instructions as to where you could use it - not in an area where a road goes down to the beach, not where the tents are (cabin type rented out by little old ladies). You could put the umbrella up right down from the hotel or over by the rocks.

Walked the short distance to the beach and following the instructions set up in a vacant part amongst other umbrellas. The beach was incredibly busy all day. There was a slight lull around lunchtime, but the numbers intensified all afternoon. The water is the Atlantic Ocean, so even allowing for the influence of the Gulf Stream, it is still cold. There were some surfers and boogie boarders in in the morning, but the red flags were flying this afternoon, signifying "No swimming". We did puzzles and people watched. We also looked up at the next town, Sitio, up on the cliff. It is connected by a funicular railway which we could see scaling the cliff every 5 minutes.

I went off to get provisions for a late lunch and located a restaurant with a take-away system a short distance away. The streets were busy. August is Portugal's holiday month and yesterday was a national holiday, so everywhere is very busy.

We sat on the beach till almost 4:00pm then packed up and returned to the hotel where I did a little laundry and Christine read. I then attended the CEIF video conference. By the wonders of modern technology I was able to log on and see and be seen by everyone at the meeting and hear and be heard, though I did cause an echo and had to mute my mike when I was not speaking. People were there from Wisconsin to California, Toronto to Edmonton, to... Tada! Nazare, Portugal! I am old enough to be amazed by these things!

Christine got ready while I was on the call and did not appreciate my suggestion I turn the camera round to include her! We then went for dinner and we had a good, though not spectacular dinner at a restaurant in the square by the hotel. We both felt last night's was superior in both quality and service. We had a walk round looking unsuccessfully for another restaurant which had been recommended, then found the station for the funicular which we will probably take tomorrow. We returned to the beach front and had a short walk before returning to the hotel. And so to bed...

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