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Eeek, the end of the earth! Oh no, there's the rest of...


Just can't get the photos to show all the different colors.




The greeting committee


In PA, we had problems with deer eating the flowers. Here, it's...

But they're so cute!

A mural on the side of one of the buildings in Beatty

Some true wild donkeys.

Some more montains

Some more wild donkeys. The fencing keeps them off the highway.

So, off we go today, on to Beatty, NV and the Space Station RV Park. Today's drive took us - again - through some beautiful country. I really wish we had a camera that can see and capture exactly what we're seeing with our eyes. I'm including some pics of the beautiful mountains (you KNOW I love mountains!!) and I'm sorry if you get tired of seeing them but they're just so different and so beautiful.

Pulled into the RV park around 3:30. Not a fancy park, by a long shot, but it had what we need and the neighbors seemed nice so it'll do for the 2 nights we'll be here.

Something we've found during our travels and that is that there are more and more "permanent" RV's in the campgrounds, due in large part by the economy, I'm sure.

Beatty is a small, old mining town typical of many others out here. There are several wild donkey herds in the surrounding hills and we were met at the campground by a family of donkeys...not exactly wild, though. They evidently come in each morning and evening for the hay one of the people who live here puts out for them. A little scary because they have to cross the main busy street here.

So, tomorrow it's off to Death Valley. And on August 1st, we will be back in Las Vegas to settle up some financial stuff and then onward to the east!

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