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Chateau de Chenonceau on the Cher River

King Henri II gave this chateau to his favorite lady in 1500s

She, Diane de Poitiers, made it unique

It is graceful and lovely with 3 gardens and a maze

There is a gorgeous vegetable and flower garden

It was nearly impossible to decide where to point the camera!




Diane's garden with a row of...

..these urns along one wall

The chateau in the background

View of it from the chateau

Henri's widow, Catherine de Medici's garden

Looking out the front door of the chateau

The chapel

Diane de Poitiers' bedroom

Five Queen's bedroom

Another bedroom

Louis XIV's drawing room

16th century Italian cabinet with mother-of-pearl

The Gallery, a ballroom with 18 windows

Painted hall on the second floor

With a 16th century Oudenaarde tapestry

A lovely ride this morning to see another chateau. This one was exceptionally lovely – the 16th century Chenanceau perched over the River Cher. As Ivan was 'castled' out, he stayed outside to photograph the building, 3 gardens and the maze. A fun gal, Maddy from San Diego and I toured inside. There were beautiful furnishings in charming rooms on the 3 floors. Amazing tapestries hung in many rooms; wonderful paintings and portraits in several areas; huge ornate fireplaces graced the major rooms; all bedrooms had gorgeous canopies or draperies. Maddy and I both decided we could very live here!

Next we were driven to the town of Amboise where we considered walking to the house of Leonardo da Vinci. Instead Maddy joined us in the search for a lunch spot. We were enjoying a great visit when it began to rain and rain in under the cafe awning. As our raincoats were on the bus we made a dash for about ½ block to the best chocolate shop in town where we three went inside to enjoy coffee and ice cream desserts while we continued to talk until time to return to the bus. Consequently I can't tell you much about Amboise...

Also, the Dr. Scholl's stick-on pads did not stay stuck to Ivan's foot but balled up and stuck to his sock! Quite a mess! Have to try something else.

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