The Great Escape / Oct-2012 to Oct-2013 travel blog

Tomorrow we will start our trip! Everything we think we need is on board our RV, including Mack and Holly, our 2 rescue cats. We think we are traveling light, bringing only what we need, but our total weight is about 22,000 lb!

Our plan is to hop down the east coast, stopping along the way to see family and sights, with Cape Hatteras and Key West as the eventual destinations. Then we will head west along the Gulf with the goal of being in Houston to spend Thanksgiving with our 2 sons. We will wander around Texas for a bit and then make our way back to Orlando for Christmas, where we have reservations at Disney World and the rest of our family will join us for the holiday. We then head west and the plan is to be volunteer ushers at a spring training baseball facility during March. After that we want to see a major league baseball game in every MLB park. 30 parks in 26 weeks, covering the entire country!

We decided on a 5th wheel trailer mostly because they are the most comfortable and practical, especially for 2 people. The camper is a Montana 5th wheel with almost every comfort you can think of. We went to many RV shows over the past few years and we both thought the Montana gave the best combination of price and comfort. We decided to start shopping in January and when we sat down with a salesman he made us a great deal. I guess January is a good time to shop for campers in Vermont! We took delivery in March 2012.

John researched the truck and found that the Ford F350 was by far the most highly recommended heavy tow vehicle, and it was easy to choose diesel, 4WD, and the 5th wheel towing package. We still had other choices, but the most difficult decision was to get single rear wheels which which would be easier to maneuver and park than dual rear wheels but might be less stable on the highway. So far we have not regretted choosing SRW's, especially after following a few 'doolies' on the road and seeing how incredibly wide they are. We ordered the truck in August 2011 and got it in September.

We will plan to cover about 150 to 200 miles a day, and we want to enjoy the trip and the sights. We have always loved road trips, and this is our ultimate road trip!

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