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Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon Territories

the entrance garden

pull the rope for a hot shower

the upper (hot) pool

the lower (warm) pool

Takhini campsite

a relaxing Sunday of reading

Meadows up the hill from the campground

Grizzly bear in the meadow

Saturday - On this beautiful Saturday (sunny and 71F) it seemed like all of Whitehorse was outside. The city was buzzing with events. After hiking around for the day we drove north on the Alaska Hwy (Rte 1) and onto the Klondike Loop Hwy (Rte 2) to Takhini Hot Springs. The access road to the hot springs was under construction so it took longer than we expected to drive the 50 miles.

Takhini Hot Springs is a little more developed than the hot springs at Liard River in B.C. but still quite rustic. There are two pools, one hotter than the other, divided by a swinging gate to allow bathers to move between the two. They are emptied and cleaned every night after closing. Both pools are surrounded by natural landscaping inside the fences.

We bought the $3.00 shower today and the $7.00 all-day pass for tomorrow since this would be an overnight stay for us. Being the only ones in the pool first thing Sunday morning was a wonderful treat even if we could only endure 15 minutes in the hot water. On the way back to the tent I met the scrawny red fox which has been scrounging around the restaurant for the past week. He did not seem at all afraid of me.

The day pass also allowed us to use the modern bathroom facilities throughout the day instead of the outhouses in the campground. The manager explained to us that because of the hot springs they can not put in a septic system. The modern facilities are possible only because there is a holding tank which must be pumped out into a truck every day. It is good that the Yukon is protecting these wild areas this way.

The campsites were large enough but not as private as we would have liked. We did the best we could to find the most level and least gravelly spot for the tent. With the screen house up we were all set to enjoy a whole day of reading and bathing. We also replaced a duct tape patch with a more permanent net patch on the tent door.

To start off his 'rest' day on Sunday, hubby hiked up the campground trail into the meadow above. We had been warned about a black bear in the area but hubby was surprised to see a grizzly bear foraging ahead of him in the meadow. He snapped a few photos and retreated back to the campground. The hot springs managers were surprised to hear of the grizzly, as there had been no reported sightings in the area all year.

Our Sunday ended with another shower and 15 minute soak in the pool. Ahhhhh.

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