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Scenic Drive

Driving Along The Kluane

Kluane Lake Is Like a Mirror

Mountains Behind The Lake

Road On The Way To Haines Junction

Beautiful Mountains in The Distance

Pretty Road

Sheep Mountain Visitor Center

Looking for Ducks At Sulfur Lake

The Ducks


Our Lady Of The Way Catholic Church

Inside The Quonset Hut Church

The Sculpture Nicknamed "The Cupcake"

Other Side of The Cupcake

Relaxing Around The Fire

Rainbow Over The Lake

Cooking The Perfect Marshmallow

8-8 Day Trip To Haines Junction

Sunny And 60’S A Beautiful Day!

Stayed At Cottonwood RV Park

After deciding there wasn’t a whole lot to do in Haines Junction, we decided to take a day trip there this afternoon instead of moving there tomorrow. It was only about a 50 mile trip.

We stopped at the Tachal Dhal Visitor Center at Tachal Mountain, formerly called Sheep Mountain. The southern slopes here are the primary winter and spring range and lambing area of the Dall sheep population here. Of course, again, wrong time of year! They don’t return until September. There were some things to read and learn about them, though.

We took a very short side trip on one of Alaska’s famous gravel roads to Sulfur Lake to see what kind of ducks we could see. There is also a wolf pack in the area, but the wolves were well hidden. The ducks were out swimming and diving, though.

At Haines Junction, we finally found the recently moved Visitor’s Center, and found very little there. It is in a huge new building that is still pretty empty. The movie, though, was a beautiful film of the area. There is also a cultural center of the Native Americans of the area. There are so many groups here in both Alaska and northern Canada, and they all have their individual histories and traditions.

We stopped to take pictures of Our Lady of The Way Catholic Mission, a local landmark and visitor attraction. It is in an old Quonset hut that was used by the American army during the construction of the Alaska Highway, and was converted by the first Catholic priest in the area when resources were scarce. It has the distinction of being the most photographed church in the Yukon. What we want to know is who stands at all the churches and counts?

The other local photo op is nicknamed “the cupcake.” It is a 24 foot high sculpture of area wildlife depicted in close to life size detail on a sculpted mountain. It sits at the junction of the Haines and Alaska Highways.

We went back to enjoy another beautiful evening at the lake, indulging in marshmallows and s ‘mores in front of the fire. It is so hard to leave the fire to go to bed when it is still light outside at almost 11!

Tomorrow we head for Haines in Alaska, a different town than Haines Junction.

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