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Janet and I are taking a year off from work to travel the USA in an RV! We have been planning this trip for almost 5 years. We are 56 years old and been married 30 years, raised three smart and successful kids, put them through college, and all are doing well in their careers. A few years ago we started wondering what would be next for us after we paid the last tuition bill. A great philosopher once said "when you come to a fork in the road, take it!"

We dreamed up a year-long trip in which we would travel cross country starting in October, volunteer as ushers at a major league spring training baseball park, and then in April we would attempt to see a baseball game in every MLB park.

Janet really made this trip possible because she has worked throughout our marriage and has been full time for the past 20 years. We were on a vacation in Arizona in February 2008 and started dreaming up ways to enjoy more warm weather and see more baseball without blowing our life savings, and the idea eventually evolved into taking a year off and traveling in an RV. We have quit our jobs but we are pretty sure we will go back to work at least part time after this year. Taking the pharmacy exam for other states is a part of the plan. Leaving good jobs that we were settled in was a difficult decision but as the end approached a sense of euphoria set in.

We have researched RVs for the past 3 years, going to all the local RV shows and several big shows in nearby cities before making a purchase. We have been out on three weekend trips so far, and are getting better at all the things we need to do and know for a long trip. Our 2 cats travel pretty well, we have all the essentials and lots of non-essentials, and have spent the summer thinking about what we will need to take with us without adding a lot of weight to the camper.

Right now we are working very hard to get ready because we are not planning to be back home at all in the next year. We also have to get the house ready for Laura, a friend who will be staying in the house while we are gone.

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