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I clipped this off their FB site. Many more pics to come...

Why is it when I am driving and we are merging onto the interstate, there are 3 trucks coming down the hill at me, BUT, when Ron is merging, there are no cars for miles??? Not fair, sez I.

Anyway, I made it safely onto I-80 from our beautiful campground at Utica, IL and headed west. Of course, there was a bit of construction, but not big barriers so I made it fine. After about a mile, I merged onto I-39 and headed north.

Just as a bit semi was passing, Ron got up to close the front vent and we heard the most awful clatter. But as there was no place to stop, I kept on truckin'.

We stopped at a rest area about 30 miles down the road and verified that the Maxxair vent over the fan had disappeared. No biggie, we keep the fan closed.

It was a beautiful trip thru roads that we have traveled for years. A few new houses, a barn or two that has dissolved into pile of lumber and lots of green corn. After the dry, brown corn in MI and IN, it was nice to see the green.

We received a warm welcome from the staff and got parked in our spot under our favorite oak tree.

After much chit chat we hooked up the water and electric and settled down for the night.

Looks like sewing and painting will be on the agenda for the few weeks we are here - keep tuned, I try to take lots of pictures.

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