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elliot falls



fruit bat falls



fruit bat

crossin to get into eliot falls

camped in eliot falls

sams crossing

an old telegraph pole on the telegraph track


waiting for the jardine river ferry

Eliot falls to Siesia 

After watching a tag along your of around 6 vehicles cross SAMs creek on the old telegraph track we decided it would be ok or us to cross too. I ran across with the camera to snap photos of Dylan and the kids coming through in the navara. Made it across no worries. Further along the OTT we came to another creek crossing, once again we were able to watch the tag along your cross before we went ahead. We also had a troopy in between us and the tag along tour and they said they'd help us out if we got stuck as this one was a bit deeper. Once again I did the tourist thing and ran across with the camera.ade it again no worries and started contemplating doing the rest of the track or heading out to the main road. We stopped to chat with the troopy in front (Victorians) to see what their plans were as they were also traveling on their own. They were taking the exit road out to the main bypass rd as they didn't think the risk of drowning their vehicle in Nolan's crossing was worth it and they still have a long way to travel (around Australia). That pretty much made our decision for us, we'd never attempt the track on our own with the kids in the car, I don't imagine it would be fun getting stuck half way across a deep crossing with two little ones! 27 vehicles this season have drowned in the Nolan Creek Crossing. So Dylan and I are saving the track for another day when we have a more capable vehicle and no children with us. Back out to the bypass rd (highway) it was an ok drive to the jardine river ferry where we paid $88 to cross. Arriving in Siesia sun was shining and the beach was amazing! Very glad we made the trip up to the tip! Can't wait to go exploring, throw a line in off the warf and have our photo taken at the northern most point of the Australian continent!! 

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