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Maria, Katrin, Halli heading for the ferry

Maria, Katrin, Halli - Martha, Augusta, Eimear, Paudrik, Liz, Fabian, Daniel, Claudia

in training

Ometepe in the distance

Hotel Finca Venecia

garden gnome Nicaraguan style

heading to the mineral springs

Ojo de Agua (water's eye) so called because it is clear



the evenings entertainment

our new room



view from our balcony

overlooking Lake ... the biggest fresh water lake in Central America

main street of Moyogalpa the 'capital'


the local church

main square Atalgracia - the second biggest town

in the square - the island with its two volcanoes

cafe wall mural

coffee time - Moyogalpa with Dave


cafe Campestre Balgue



best pasta of the trip so far! made on the premises

cutest long drop I've used in ages the men's is behind the...

Cafe Campestre

outside pretty ordinary inside great food

walking up the road to Santa Domingo Beach

Santa Domingo Beach

Volcan Maderas


lunch time


One of many attempts by Dave and me to get the perfect...

heading back into our hotel

the volcanoes arenactive!

I don't think we ever got to see the top of Volcan...

back to the mainland

section of one of the many wind farms

goodby Nicaragua






our nice room with Liz

heading to the bus


relaxing after lunch



gives great confidence!

Another short hop and another ferry crossing but this time on flat fresh water - the biggest fresh water lake in the Americas Lake Nicaragua. A two volcano island Ometepe Island, with not much else to do except...hike up a mountain well not all of us like hiking up mountains so Dave decided to go wandering on local buses and I decided to join him. But first there was a mineral spring - set up as a swimming pool with enough area to have a proper swim but with a natural bottom - the water was cool but not cold and it was a hot afternoon so relaxing in the shade or playing in the water was just what we needed. There was even a Tarzan rope and a few but not me had a swing out into the water - Halli decided it looked easy but when she actually got up to hold the rope she decided it wasn't that safe yet there were 8 year old having a fine time on it. Our hotel was fairly average in that our allocated room was OK but in an old building and well the chickas had their hand basin out on the veranda we had an inside one but no hot water not a big deal but it is nice. Any way when we got back from our swim the manager asked if we'd mind moving - we had three beds in our room and they were needed for a big group moving in so being the nice girls we are we agreed and our new room was in the new part of the place upstairs with a view and a balcony and hot water still no air con but we could open the windows and get a breeze. So Dave and I hopped on the local bus and headed into town took about 40 mins and we walked all around town in about 30 mins! So waited for the next bus to take us across the island to the second biggest town this took about 1 hour and when we got there it took about 15 minutes to look around. now we had been advised to go to a place called.....so we waited and hopped on the next bus - about 40minutes later we arrived and there were a couple of houses and a cafe and that was it. the main reason for going there was to climb the mountain but no one had told us that so we went to the cafe and had what was one of the best meals I had in the whole of Central America. Very fresh home made pasts with all home grown toppings - I wanted to try their desert but was too full - we accompanied our meal with beautiful banana chocolate milk shakes yummmm! So since the next bus wasn't due until 5.20 and it was only 3.30 we decided to walk at least part of the way back - the bus can be hailed anywhere along the road. Started walking and a car pulled up with an English gentleman driving he offered us a ride to the beach a few miles up the road - he was going to take his dog for a walk so we hopped in and got to the beach with time to have a ice walk along it before the bus came. Had almost reached the other end when we saw a group of people and laughingly wondered if it was our group and sure enough it was. so we hitched a ride back with them well at least part of the way because when they stopped for their final tourist stop of the day the tour guide wanted us to pay $10 each for the privilege of our ride and the group had only paid $13 each for the whole day!!! We weren't far from our hotel so we huffed off and walked the whole 20minutes back. All in all a very pleasant day and a bit different. An early start next day saw us back on the ferry and heading for Monteverde.

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