Golden apples welcome you to Cashmere, WA

Red ones too... on the left side of the!

Our first stop for cache number 1..

A quick kiss on the cheek and number one is done :-)

Next cache was in Wenatchee...

A cool Indian Brave in Wenatchee..

The cache led us to a beautiful park..

Cache number 2 is done. Geocaching is a lot of fun.. :-)

A very cool welcome to the park..


The park is right on the Columbia River, beautiful!

This one is called "Nammu"..

We love geocaching because it takes you to places like this..


This one is called "Life"..

Another cool one..

Humpback Whale..

Pair of geese..


A boat going by on the Columbia River

Last one...hugging the Captain for cache number 3... :-)

We started our geocaching this morning in the town of Cashmere, WA. We had to find the BBQ Restaurant with a huge pig in the front, we had to take a picture of one of us kissing the pig. I am glad I am always the photographer. :-)

Our next geocache was located in the Riverfront Park in Wenatchee. This time, we had to find a huge foot called "Ped" and tickle the toes and take another picture. :-) I like the way this local geocacher thinks, he sends you to beautiful places and you only have to take a picture to get the cache. Jerry tickled the toes and we were off for the next one. It was in the same park, but on the other end.

This time he had to hug a statue of Captain Griggs while I took the picture. It was fast and easy and we had cache number three. It was a fun day of geocaching that turned out to be a great day of exploring too. The park is located right on the Columbia River with beautiful gardens with great works of art. This is why we love geocaching so much, it takes you to places you might not ever find without the cache. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from Washington.

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