Cross Country Road Trip 2012 travel blog

We woke at at Tita Mildred's house. My mom, Dad and I all slept in the living room. Nana and Daddy left before i even woke up. Tito Doy made us garlic fried rice, Virginia ham, eggs, embutido (filipino meatloaf) for breakfast. We ate good so we wont have to snack during our trip back home. We headed out and got lost for a bit. We were supposed to be going east and we were going west for a little. After a few hours, we stopped at a rest stop to get gas and some snacks. Papa was tired and it looked like he was falling asleep. There was traffic and my dad really needed to get home so he can start working. We finally got home around 5pm. My mom and i organized and hen we relaxed and ate polvoron. We ordered take out for dinner coz my mom was too tired to cook. I was so excited to smell my house and lay on my own bed. I'm home!!!

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