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Hidden Valley Dog Park

Doing What Is Familiar

Perimeter Sweep

Cleaning Up

The weekend has been great! Yesterday we explored another dog park. I approved this one! I romped and rolled in the lush green grass, retrieved and washed tennis balls, chased and was chased, and made a perimeter sweep to see what might be lurking among the sage.

Then, this morning we returned to the canal path. Brenda unhooked my leash and off I ran chasing a rabbit - yes, they have them here! Becoming thirsty, I remembered the canal full of water and began looking for a place to get down to it. I spied a spot where I could just get my muzzle into the water and took a long draft. Feeling a bit foolish with my "tail" in the air, I eased myself down into the water so that all four paws disappeared in the murk I had stirred up. The current pulled gently on my fur. My mind was on high alert. I backed out. We continued our trek along the canal until we came to a chain-link gate which stood open. Not being much for rules and such, I bolted right through the opening and would have kept going, but Brenda called me back using her stern voice. The sign said we would be trespassing if we proceeded through the gate. We turned around. It was a good thing we did, or I would have missed the most fun thing of all!

Two yellow labs and their lady were jogging toward us. Every so often she would throw a tennis ball in the canal and one of the labs would go in, pellmell after it. He would just leap in and cause a tremendous splashing. Then he would jump out again, like he was jumping up on a bed or into a car. How did he do it? We chased each other until the lady called and he went to her.

I spied a tennis ball hidden in an outcropping of weeds and a thought began to form in my mind. Collecting the ball, I hurried to the brink and let it fall into the water. It bobbed there, just out of reach; so I gingerly followed it in. The wave action caused the ball to float out into the middle of the canal where the current took it downstream and away from me. What to do? Should I swim for it or get out and keep a watchful eye on it? Fearful, I flung myself up and over the bank. The ball lazily passed by. I followed it and hoped it would get hung up on a root, but it didn't. After awhile, I pretended to lose interest and pursued different quarry. That's when I became aware I was once again tethered to Brenda. We walked home, where Brenda let me play in my pool before we went inside for breakfast.

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