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Phillipi is on the road to Drama . . .

ruins of the theatre

relief sculpture, theatre


ancient city of Phillipi

life among the stones

ruined basilica

columns of basilica

Saturday market, Kavala

fresh produce, Kavala

Batis Beach I

Batis Beach II

bill of fare, waterside taverna

Jim in Kavala

Leslie in Kavala

sunset over Kavala harbor

4>For a day of rest and relaxation, we packed in a lot of activity—but none of it was driving and it was all in fun.

Right after breakfast we caught a bus to Phillipi, ruins of an imperial city of Phillip II, king of Macedonia in the fourth century BC and father of Alexander the Great. We had the place practically to ourselves, which added a lot to the experience. The ancient theatre, forum, agora and two basilicas lay quiet and ghost-filled in the sun, making it easy to imagine the Macedonians at work and play in the great stone buildings.

Returning to Kavala’s center, we joined the crowds at a big Saturday market and then went back to our hotel for a lunch of leftovers from our dinner the night before. We rested until about 3:00 and took a taxi to Batis Beach, to test the waters of the Aegean. Off the beach by 6:00, we cleaned up and had an early dinner at a waterside taverna.

At the newsstand/souvenir shop next door to the hotel, I bought a tea towel, embroidered with a branch of olives and “Kavala.”

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