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Huge tree sculpture in the courtyard of Howell Nature Center.

SUNDAY: We played lazy and didn't go to church with Sara. Mostly sat around and watched the Olympics. It is hot out and we are enjoying the AC at the house. By the time we get home we open the windows and turn on the fans and it is ok sleeping.

MONDAY: Sara is off today. They have arranged their days off so that someone is here except for Wednesdays and Thursdays. They have several friends that can come in to let the dogs out on those days.

TUESDAY: Today we traveled to Brighton to see the ortho Dr. My knee has been getting worse and sometimes I can hardly get into the pickup. Short story – it looks like the damp, hot weather is aggravating my osteoarthritis. Big surprise, NOT. Anyway, she gave me a short of cortisone and a brace. And a, “see your Dr. when you get back to AZ.”

On the way back, we stopped in Howell at the Nature Center we worked at 2 years ago. They have really done a lot of work and the place looks fantastic. They dug up the old parking lot and put in a center court with a huge tree statue (see pictures). The gardens I worked so hard at weeding look great. We walked into the office and met Dick, the director, coming out of his office as he had seen us thru the window. First words out of his mouth were asking if we were coming to work.

After walking around the Center a bit, we started for home. We decided to stop by the Elks in Jackson and sure enough, the campground was open. The Elks has closed, but the campground is going, We got the number of the host if we ever want to stay there again.

WEDNESDAY: Another day of watching Olympics and puppies. Their eyes are fully open now and they are starting to play. They are getting noisier all the time as they try out their lungs. After they eat, they remind me of 2 year olds who are “not tired” and protesting about taking a nap. They walk around almost falling over but whining and howling until they collapse in a pile and snooze away.

THURSDAY: A ditto of yesterday. Man! We lead exciting lives.

FRIDAY: Usually Dave is off today, but since this is the first day of the Relay for Life in Jackson it was a day of food prep and hauling stuff to Jackson. We stayed with the dogs until about 4:30 when we fed everyone and headed to Jackson, too. Ron registered and walked in the Survivor's March that opened the festivities. They gave us Subway box lunches so we sat and ate them. Later we sampled some of the great ribs and meatloaf that Dave had cooked on the grill.

Before sunset we headed home and watch a bit more of the Olympics and let the dogs out. Then we headed home for bed. It was hot and sticky so a bit harder to get to sleep. I sat up late with the fan on me until I got cooled off enough to sleep.

SATURDAY: Another day of dog sitting. A bit of a scare as their old dog had a seizure shortly after we let them out. I stayed with her as Ron kept the younger dogs away and got me a pan of water. She came out of and was ready to play, but we put her back in the kennel to rest.

The rest of the day was uneventful and after Sara and Dave came home we went out to dinner. A big storm was predicted so we hurried home a bit after dinner. I watched on radar and we decided to go to bed. The severe part of the storm stayed way south of us and all we got was a gentle rain.

I feel like we are sitting in a rain forest. It is so humid that I look for moss between my toes and mushrooms behind the ears. Sometimes it is so sticky that I can hardly move the computer mouse and fell like I am leaving sticky fingerprints everywhere. It is good that they are getting some rain – but boy does it make for humility.

We will be leaving here on Tuesday and stay in Indiana for one night on our way to Stronghold, our church camp in Illinois, where we will be staying for a few weeks.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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