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Canal where dogs can swim

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Remember the trail we were going to explore? It follows a water filled canal which winds its way through scrubby desert. Brenda let go of the leash and I ran all around until I got hot. The water looked refreshing and I looked and looked for a place where I could get in. All the while, Brenda was calling and coaxing me to come back. Her voice became urgent as she warned me not to go into the water. I felt emboldened by my thirst, but decided to try it another day. On the walk back home, Brenda asked a big dog's man if it was safe for dogs to go into the water. He said it was safe for big dogs like me. I puffed up my chest just to show him how really big and strong I am. He said his dog swims up and down the canal all the time.

At home, Brenda worked for a while then the big truck arrived with our things. I stayed in my kennel where it was safe until they were gone. When I emerged, the house had become a maze of towering boxes. Scurrying through the cardboard corridors, I took in the smells of home. Then I saw my green sofa! I leaped for joy and sprawled on the cool leather. I was home.

Brenda said there are quite a few of you readers out there. I may have a few more stories to tell as we explore our new town and state. If you requested update notices, you will know when to check back to read about our adventures.

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