Comin' Into Amsterdam

Kim & Amstel R.

Kim, Rene, & Tim On Their Houseboat(View of Locks in Bkgrnd)

Hmm, "Mary Jane" Anyone

Convent Gardens Accomodations

Convent Flowers

Captain Rene and the Canal Tour

Some Remodel!

Amsterdam - Bikes & Boats!

The Weighing House - Where the Action Began

Canal - 1782

Kim,Capt.Rene,Bon & Tim-Canal Tour

Boarding Cpt.Frank's Boat-Bound For Hoorn...

Bon & Cpt.Frank Coming into Harbor in Hoorn

Anna,Bon,Cpt.Frank,Tim,Rene, & Kim-Statue of Founder of East India Company

Same, But Better

Typical Street in Hoorn

Rene Demonstrates

Rene Remonstrates

Under Sail Back to...

The Gang-Rene,Kim,Bon,Anna,& Tim-In Houseboat

The Houseboat Kitchen/Livingroom


"Our" Bedroom-T-Shirt Courtesy of R & K

Looking Out Towards Stern From "Pilots Cabin" Window


3-10-2005...UPDATE 8-8-18:

in memoriam René Wokke

Four foreign cyclists have been killed and three others injured in southern Tajikistan after being hit by a car that fled the scene afterward.

AFP, quoting an unnamed source at the ministry, had earlier reported that two Dutch nationals were in the group. Two Americans, along with a Swiss and a Dutch national, were struck by a car and attacked on July 29 while on a popular cycling route in the Danghara district, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of the capital Dushanbe.

He was a wonderful human being. We will miss him greatly!

UPDATE 6-21-2019:

The ISIS Story



Wow, Kim and Rene were waiting for us(only a few minutes) and here we are on their house boat on a canal in downtown Amsterdam...faaaaaar out!

We've been here now 3 days and day one Kim took us on a walking tour of the downtown area around their houseboat plus, in the eve Rene "drove" us around the larger section via canal in their boat...saw the great old canals and merchant houses in both the old(circa 1600) and new areas(circa 1800), the canals having been made in concentric circles out from the middle of the city...the university, the oldest church(now surrounded by the red light district),the weighing house(just down the canal/block from their "house"), and the maritime museum.

Next day we kind of lay back, but yesterday we got another walking tour by Rene of the other areas including THE BOTANICAL GARDEN(circa 1638!!) which was an even greater treat than the red light district which he also lead us thru - the selections in both places were most intrigueing but my enjoyment of the Botanical Garden was most fulfilling!

Spent today uploading photos on their computer which they have most generously allowed us to us and I hope I will complete the final bunch tomorrow.

Amsterdam is truly a unique city and deserves its reputation as a tremendous tourist attraction! It is a most wonderful place to be...but of course, having friends to visit and bring us into their view of their own city makes it all the more enjoyable and a truly unique visit...we couldn't ask for more hospitable circumstances!

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