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Salida - main street

The Arkansas River provides summer recreation.



Former Chicagoans are everywhere!

These past few days we have finshed up the sightseeing we wanted to do in this area. On Tuesday we took a drive to a mountain town called Salida. On the way there we drove along the Arkansas River and the views were spectacular. After a nice lunch in Salida, we took a walk through the town and enjoyed the ambience of the historic district.

On our way home we took a different route that took us away from the river and higher up into the mountains. At one point we reached a large plateau that must have been over 8000' high. Jerry and I couldn't imagine what it would be like to live in such isolation. It did bring back memories of the TV show "Bonanza" for me(for those of you who remember that show that followed the lives of a ranching family.)

Yesterday was a day to do a repair on our motorhome. We discovered that the caulking had failed around the lights in the basement compartments on the large slide out which resulted in them becoming very wet.

To try to find out where the leaks were, Jerry got inside the compartment and I hosed down the area on the outside. We quickly found the leaks and Jerry caulked them. We hope this fixes the problem. Since the humitidy is so low here, the compartments have dried out very fast.

Last night we invited our next door neighbors to go with us to dinner in Canon City. They are living in Louisiana now but plan to move to the Phoenix area. It's a lot of fun to do things so spontaneously.

The four of us drove to Canon City and ate dinner at Michael's on Main. It is a fantastic place. The food was good. After dinner we went to the art gallery that is upstairs of the restaurant. At least ten artists' works were presented. Almost all were of Western scenes, Western pottery and clothing. The art was outstanding.

The restaurant also sells high quality chocolates and gelato. What a find! One of the employees told us that the owners have put in the place all of their favorite things. For a relatively small town like Canon City, this was something. If you had a store with all your favorite things in it, what would be inside?

We drove to Cripple Creek today, about 90 minutes each way. It is an old gold mining town up in the mountains that has become a place where the historic buildings house casinos. Jerry and I are not that interested in gambling but we did a little bit. We lost a whopping $8.00. Total.

After two weeks in the Colorado Springs area, we are ready to leave here and drive about 100 miles north to our next stop, Golden, near Denver. There's been a lot to do here and we have enjoyed our campground very much. We're also relieved that the temperatures do not go above 90 degrees in the afternoons.

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