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Fun with balls and squeeky toys

I expected to go to the car again this morning, but surprise, we went for a walk instead. The air was crystal clear and cool. We discovered a small park with lots of lush green grass where Brenda let me run free for a few minutes. I ran and rolled and ran. The grass was so soft, I threw myself down and buried my face in it.

I've been cautiously exploring this new place Brenda says is home. The backyard is small but the grass there is nice. Brenda left the big sliding door open this morning after our walk. Suddenly, a wild flurry of wings caught my eye. Next thing I knew, I had a small blue-gray colored bird with a crested head cornered - in the house! Brenda excitedly shooed ME into the bedroom where another door was open, and I quickly ran around and came in again through the slider. We finally coaxed the bird toward an open window and it flew away.

This afternoon we visited two places where I can go to play while Brenda has to travel next week. We chose the clean one. I get to try it out for a few hours before I have to spend the night. There were about 20 dogs there. They looked nice enough.

Many of you have emailed us through my blog. We like hearing from you!

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