Hansen & Savosnick Family Southern Africa Road Trip 2012 travel blog

Ponto beach as the sun rises

Getting back from a clod morning Dolphin ride with no Dolphins

The road to Maputo

Peter in action on the Road to Maputo

Inflating tires

Maputo from Catembe

Getting on the Local ferry !! an interesting experience

Lunch at Zambi Thomas Favorite restaurant

The cars in Maputo

The weather had cleared up a bit so we had booked a dolphin tour in the morning – we all got up at 6.30 to be there for 7 AM – We got our instructions and off we went in the rocky sea up the coast about 20 km and we saw nothing – we were told that there was a nice reef and jumped in the water to see nothing and then headed back – Not much of an excursion other than a bumpy boat ride.

We packed up at the house and headed for the ferry at Catembe across from Maputo – about 40 KM’s in deep sand was some kind of an experience, but we managed well. Both Peter and I now feel we are skilled in sand driving. We finally reached the ferry after about a total of 140 KM which had taken over 3 hours. The ferry was another experience you don’t drive on and off like a normal ferry as here you load the cars sideways. It took about 45 min to get the 11 cars on board and in place as well as waiting for the last 50 passengers. We reached Maputo 15 min later probably on the slowest ferry I have ever been on.

In Maputo we arrived at my favourite restaurant to see Lewis take the Hungaring GP and enjoy some great lunch. I think I must have underestimated the drive through Maputo and we therefore only arrived just North of Maputo at Blue Anchor Inn – A simple little stay over place with a nice atmosphere and also managed by a guy that had lived in Kenya earlier. After the late lunch we skipped dinner had a few drinks in the bar and talked Africa stories.

By Thomas

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