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Is that a tennis ball?

Virginia Lake Dog Park

I stood beside Brenda, still sleeping, and panted loudly, hoping to rouse her. Success! She and I went outside and the bracingly cool air did the rest! We were up for the day. Brenda muttered something about four-thirty and time zone.

We headed for a park we found the day before and took a few turns around it to stretch our legs before starting out. McDonald's drive through provided the coffee and oatmeal Brenda wanted for breakfast.

This day began like all the others which made me feel anxious. Brenda tried to reassure me, but I was having trouble understanding what she meant by, "ONLY 300 miles."

We made a game out of watching for blue Rest Area signs. Brenda had read a little sign tacked beneath one of these that said, "Next Rest Area 76 miles." We stopped. Men were working behind chain link fencing like used to enclose my yard. The big house was behind the fence, so Brenda disappeared inside a little closet thing. I sure was glad I didn't have to go in there! Even barren gravel is better than that. I managed to find a healthy weed and took aim.

The pictures I posted today remain a mystery to me. Do you like the big slingshot? What about the giant tennis ball? Brenda hopes someone will tell us what type of plant or mill this was. We saw many mines with their tailings fanning outward like aprons. Nevada is known as The Silver State.

We arrived at "home" at high noon. Our landlady met us and showed us all around. Playing with a tennis ball in a house with no furniture gave me opportunity to study one of the laws of motion as I banked shots all over the living room. Outside, I expected to see Mya. Somehow I thought she would be here because Brenda said we were home.

After dinner we drove to Virginia Lake Dog Park. Really! Did you see a lake in the picture? The other dogs seemed happy to play chase and keep away, but I missed my buddies from Ewing Dog Park. Hi Gwesh, Kodi, Andy, Lacy, Rocky, Mini, Chloe, Brita, Holly, Tessa, Little White Triplets! Tomorrow we'll explore another dog park and maybe make more friends, but I will always remember you.

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