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Thanks to Janet for the pictures. Here's the gang!

Waiting for the Bus



Marilyn & Ed

Mike & Marian

Ginger & Jesse

Janet & Bob

At the River



Janet could only take pics in calm water






Near the Take Out Point

Have you seen the commercial on TV where the son or daughter talks about their parents and how, when they were young, the parents seemed so young too. The son walks past a closed bedroom door lamenting that his parents can no longer stay awake long enough to even fix his dinner. He looks at the bedroom door and says “Good Night Guys!”

Then it shows his parents out having a good time!

Well, I think of us full time RV’ers when I see that commercial.

We might be older but we are out having a good time, enjoying life, seeing and doing new things, meeting people and going places.

Sometimes our kids seem to worry about us and some of the things we are doing. Today was a case in point.

Bob & Janet, Mike & Marian, Jesse & Ginger, and Marilyn & I all went white water rafting on the Arkansas River.

We were all awake early this morning in spite of the thunderstorms, lightning and heavy rain during the night. None of us had a very restful night for sure.

We left the resort at 7:30, headed for Echo Canyon River Runners where we had reservations for a raft run through Bighorn Canyon.

We laughed and joked, teasing one another about all of the bad things which could happen.

The company doing these trips make you pay in advance and there are no refunds, which is a good idea because I would wager that lots of folks would back out on the day of the trip if they had not already paid.

We signed a waiver releasing the raft company from liability, selected a helmet and PFD (Personal Flotation Device). We used to call that a Life Vest. I teased Mike that his had “Titanic” printed across the back.

Soon we were boarding an old school bus for the ride to the “Put In” point.

We were briefed about all of the “What If” things, which did nothing to settle the nerves at all.

At the “Put In” point, we unloaded from the bus and were assigned to rafts. Mike & Marian, Jesse & Ginger, and Marilyn & I were all assigned to one boat, while Bob & Janet shared a boat with an adult and a couple of youngsters.

Soon we were off down the swiftly flowing river, bouncing off of rocks, large and small, trying to learn quickly how to paddle in unison, at the direction of our guide.

Let’s be kind and say that we explored many of the rocks which reached out and grabbed our raft, hanging us up and requiring a lot of dexterity to escape the trap.

The rapids each had names like “Shark’s Tooth”, “Double Dip”, “Spike Buck”, etc, etc.

Several were exciting and all were fun!

“Spike Buck” Rapids was so exciting that Mike decided to swim through it.

As our raft hit a large rock on the right hand side, it threw Jesse across to the left side of the raft where he collided with Mike.

Mike, sensing the danger, decided to lighten the boat, so to speak, and launched himself overboard.

Jesse and I tried to grab and hold him, to keep him from becoming a statistic, but Marian, his lovely and loving bride, thought we should “Just let him go, before he pulls us all in”.

Our guide Sira, along with Ginger and Marilyn, all helped to pull Mike back on board.

Sira asked us “Why did you all laugh when Mike went overboard?”

We didn’t think she could have heard us laughing over Mike’s constant screaming for help!

Of course part of what I have written is in jest, and we were all happy to have our friend safely aboard our raft again.

The remainder of the trip was uneventful but Mike seemed to be extremely wary of the rocks which continued to harass us, all the way to the “Take Out” point.

It was another fine day in the life of us “Old Folks”.

Life is Good!

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