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Madura Pass Panorama

Straight for how far??????

We are here now! Well Norseman at least……. Very basic caravan park with a not so basic fee, none the less after driving for around 9 hours we are glad to be here, for that matter anywhere….. No Norse helmets either!!!

We got ripped off at Border Village, had we driven on the extra 10km to Eucla the fuel was only $1.76 litre. The “formalities” at the border were a real fizzer, we must look honest no interest in seeing Gracie’s paper work that had taken minutes to prepare, just wanted to know if we had any honey…..

Eucla is a nice little spot, named after Euclid who in 350BC drew circles in the sand with a crude compass and postulated the “parallelogram of horses”. We may stop there on our return.

Do you like the panorama from the top of the escarpment at Madura? Wow there is a lot of nothing out there.

Then we hit the long straight bit, as the sign says the longest straight bit of road in the country – have you any idea how hard it is to drive straight for that distance? We had a bit of a tail wind today which can be a worry as sometimes a tail wind can cause overheating especially if you’re towing and driving into a vacuum. Yet some apparently wait at Ceduna and Balladonia for a low or high pressure system to aid their passage across…..

We found ourselves in real poo today…… When we stopped in the middle of nowhere for lunch we discovered to our horror that the lid had somehow come of the toilet cassette and the contents had managed to get everywhere, still I guess the up side is that we discovered this at lunch and not when we arrived and were exhausted.

On to Kalgoorlie tomorrow and hopefully some civilisation.

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