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the girls doting on Jacob

66!! say what?

the gang

Jacob hosing Mommy down

Heat index of 107!!


Video of Maddie's cheerleading camp finale


My birthday was a beautiful day! Family all around, grilling out despite the heat, and enjoying the beauty of being alive one year later! It is a pleasure to watch the adult children function as adults-ha. You know, the Mom always thinks there is no way but her way-laugh!

We will be leaving for Alaska Mon, Aug 6- a dream trip of a lifetime. The sun will not set until near 11:00 PM, we will be viewing many species of wildlife, glaciers, camping in Denali Park, eating halibut, salmon, and some of Chris' wild game cooking. There are numerous side trips such as plane, helicopter, boat excursion we will undoubtedly be going on. Look forward to many photos and entries.

Thank you all for playing a HUGE part in my medical progress. Without your generous love and support I might not be healthy enough to make this trip. We'll be RVing Alaska!

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