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Soooo.. I haven't written in a bit, but I've decided to break that and go ahead and talk about my lovely little life.

First off, a group of about... 13 of us went on a little road trip to the beach this past weekend! We basically just drove till we found the beach and hung out. The beaches were black sands beaches.. however some were more black than others. I got some really pretty pictures! (look on Facebook.. for those of you who are on there!) I must say that the west side of New Zealand, at least where we drove, is pretty flat! However, I did see this BEAUTIFUL mountain in the distance, Mount Ruapehu. It is massive and absolutely gorgeous!

We didn't really go anywhere other than the beach... although at one of the beaches we stopped at there was a playground with a zip line thing on it.. which was fun! When the sun started setting we built a small fire and sat around it. The beaches were scattered with drift wood.. making it super easy to build a fire!

Saturday evening, late evening, we went out into town again. It was a fun night of bar hopping!

Sunday was a lazy day... I basically just lounged around all day. YAY.

Today (Monday) I went into town and got some groceries. I limited myself to spending only $30, but I went over by $15!! But hey... I got a lot of food, including some pork chops and chicken. I also got some Weet Bix, the cereal I mentioned in the previous post, so that I can try it and act like a Kiwi. AND they sell Lime Milk here.. lime flavored milk.. right? So bizarre. Anyways, I got some of that... and its actually not bad. It's kinda like Key Lime Pie in liquid form.

I attended the Alpine Club meeting this evening. I paid my fees, $20, so I am now officially a member! There are so many cool trips planned.. including one that involves hiking up a mountain, then staying the night and having a formal party.. its called "The Ball in the Bush" It only costs $5 extra for the hut rental. I'm excited =).

I got back and made a pork chop and some carrots. My hall mate, Jock, was watching me season it.. and goes "how do you know what to season it with.. and how to cook it?" So I told him I'd teach him how to cook! This is gonna be fun.... I also mentioned to him that I hadn't seen any turkey meat here. Literally, I have seen none. None in the grocery store, deli, or even at Subway. He said you have to go to a butcher or meat shop to get it.. but they do have it! It's kinda strange cause I am so used to it being everywhere!! Of course my other hall mate, Ayden, walked in after that and laughed at me cause Jock told him I thought it didn't exist here. WHATEVER. I miss my turkey.

Did I mention previously that I couldn't find Jalapenos? Yeah... I guess they just don't really have them here either. Maybe in a specialty market of some kind...

I made sweet tea!! I found normal tea.. and boiled it.. and put sugar in it.. and now I have sweet tea. YUM. Did I mention that the brand name sugar here is called "Chelsea"? YEAH. I'm freaking famous!

So now... for my random observations:

1. I saw a midget riding a mountain bike today.

2. I mentioned the random lemon trees, right? Well there are random orange trees too!

3. I see graffiti everywhere that says "Kung Fu".. what the hell?

4. In the UK they call their back yards "a garden".

5. The italian dressing here tastes extremely sour.

6. Everyone thinks it's so weird that I boil water on the stove. They have "boiling pots".. kinda similar to a coffee maker.. but they just boil their water in it.

7. My hall has a "man cave".. the common room is filled with pictures of half naked women.

8. Four people licked my face on Saturday. YUP. I am obviously tasty.

9. There's only like two brands of BBQ sauce here. Dylan would die.

10. They eat a lot of Kumara here... a type of sweet potato. I've had it. It's not bad!

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