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When I woke from a good night of sleep, a quick glance at the clock showed 5:57 AM.

Steve & Cathy planned to leave at 6:00 this morning so I quickly threw on some clothes and headed out the door, fearing that they might already be gone.

Steve was just putting his sewer hose away when I walked up, so we talked quietly while they finished getting their RV ready for the road.

We didn’t want to disturb the neighbors who might still be sleeping, so we tried to stay as quiet as possible. Marilyn arrived about this time, to join in saying so long.

Finally, with a hug and a wish for safe travel we promised to see our friends in Hannibal, MO, then watched as they pulled out and headed down the road.

Marilyn felt that she needed to do some serious cleaning today, so she got really busy. I made a couple of trips to the dumpster with trash and then dumped the holding tanks.

Showers were in order and then a trip to town for a few items.

The most pressing issue, according to my dearly beloved spouse, was to get some bird seed.

Also we suspect that we may have another mouse. (The third one)

We have spent five summers here and never had a mouse get in the RV before.

However, David is building new RV Sites a bit farther up the mountain. That requires a lot of bulldozing and cutting of trees and brush. I suspect that this is the reason the mice are being forced down the mountain and are seeking shelter in the RV nearest to the new road being constructed. Bummer!

We spoke to Jennifer and the grandkids while we had cell phone service. We sure love and miss our family back in Missouri.

We knew that our friends, Carl & Linda, were arriving today so I drove by their Site when we got back to the resort.

Sure enough, they had arrived while we were gone, and had nearly completed the set up chores.

We stopped to exchange hugs and catch up just a bit with these good friends.

Later in the afternoon they drove up to see our new home (Now more than a year old) and we had a nice chat.

A plan was hatched to drive into Penrose tonight, to the Gooseberry Patch, for dinner.

Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, and Marilyn & I joined Carl & Linda for good food, laughter and conversation. Unfortunately, Marian was not feeling well so she & Mike stayed home. Get well soon, Marian!

I have to relate to you, one of the strangest things I have ever seen in a restaurant. Three young guys with long hair and otherwise pretty unkempt looking, sat across from us. I happened to be facing them.

Nearly everyone was eating a nice meal from the buffet offered and those three guys were also eating food from the buffet.

I watched in dismay as one of those young men lifted his plate and licked it clean. He held the plate vertical and licked it bottom to top.

His friends were gone from the table, to refill their plate at the time.

No waste of food there, folks!

Back at the RV we settled in for the evening.

It has been another fine day.

Life is Good!

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