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Today we left Porto and head to the east to Spain, Went into Porto and booked the bus through Salamanda to Madrid. Todd worked out it would take 4.5 hrs. The ticket said 10. Todd was wrong.

First part of the trip was good and we got the spanish border at around 2pm. Couple of passengers got thrown off at the border. We stayed low. Once we passed the border we stopped at a roadhouse on the other side of the border. One of the guys that got thrown off turned up and the drvier refused to let him back on.

Well then it was on. If their is an arguement here everyone wants to have their say. Well five mintues later the police bought in. And the bus load of us were sent back to the border again. We have been thrown out of a county but not a Country. Luckly they sorted it out and on we headed to madrid.

Still daylight here at 10.30 pm at the moment that is a bit of a spin out.

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