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Paul and Babe are BIG in Bemidji, MN

Our lunch view of Lake Superior

Joe and Colden playing in the Superior "surf"

Beautification efforts in St. Ignace, MI-July 27

Soo Locks from the bridge

Hi, Friends and Family!

Well it's really winding down now...we're back in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario where we spent our first night on the road way back on May 15th. Can't believe it! We spent the past two days in St. Ignace, MI and decided we liked better than Mackinaw City-not Mackinaw Island however, that's the best! Anyway the campground was great as I said from the laundry room there 2 days ago, or was it yesterday, you know how it goes.

We got back here around 3:45 and have been chillin' out ever since. Colden swam in the Sturgeon River tonight and here at the campground they're offering an outdoor movie which we probably won't go to see. No great TV reception here unless you speak French. We did get to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies last night, thank goodness. That's OK we've still got books and videos if we really want entertainment.

I'm attaching some pics from today. The Border crossing is always interesting-at least for us. The line going into Canada -which we were- was thankfully 85% shorter than the line we saw going into the US at Sault St. Marie. WE were only about 25 minutes but we were in the wrong line...according to one of the Border guards. He was very nice to come out and tell us that he didn't think we'd fit under the 10.5' canopy. He backed up the people behind us-who are probably not our new best friends-and directed us over 3 lanes (no cars in between) to the tractor trailer line. Our AC unit was higher than that 10.5' distance he calculated. So we thanked him for saving us from a major expense and thanked the guy who let us in ahead of him. God does watch over fools and little children doesn't he/she?Anyway, that was our big excitement of the day.

You'll also see the only pic I got of the Soo Locks as we crossed over them. You can take a boat tour through them but we didn't take the time. We've done a share of boating on this trip and didn't want to take the time. Next trip through???

I did forget to mention several critters we saw over the past several days...some mama turkeys with broods of 6-8 each and a pair of sand hill cranes right along the road. I know they were sand hills because we saw a pair at the Lewis and Clark Interp Center in Great Falls, MT-beautiful big birds.

Well, i guess that's about it for today...tomorrow a long day back to Massena and an overnight stay there. Take care, stay well, love to you all...

Ingrid, Joe & Colden

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