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North Island/New Zealand: The whole North Island looked like a continuous gulf...

Waipoua Forrest: These are the BIG TREES, " Four Sisters".

Okay, so we managed to get our rented van dropped off to us at the Kiwi International Hotel, where we stayed and then got the hell out of Aukland.

Our first destination was up the west coast as far as we could make it...............we made it to a place called "Waipoua Forrest", which is famous for it's HUGE trees, AND THEY ARE HUGE!!! They put our trees in Canada to shame. These trees were so big they could easily have been hollowed out and made into a little cottage. The type of tree is called a Kauri tree and was salvaged for the gum that it produced (similar to sap, but harder).

Anyways, we were off to the Bay of Islands, which we arrived at right at sunset. This was beautiful, but there wasn't much else for us to do there because all of the things were told to do there was impossible due to the tides. We couldn't see Cathedral Cove because the tide was in until 5:45pm (when it was dark) and the same with the Hot Water Beach. SO, we just kept going...................................

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