The Wenatchee River with the Cascades & orchards..

The dirt road along the river..




Pears too...

Crazy Larry's Berries



Larry & Jerry


Last one!

We went for a drive along the Wenatchee River today. The drive was absolutely beautiful. I have been really busy playing with my new camera Vickie and Ed purchased for me from Costco. Thanks a million Vickie & Ed!!

It is a Lumix by Panasonic, it is light and easy to aim and shoot, plus it has a great zooming ability with the awesome 20x Full HD zoom. I have been taking close up pictures of a dozen quail in the yard plus all the scenic roads in the area. I have a beautiful area to practice in.

Wenatchee is known as the "Apple Capital of the World" due to the valley's many orchards. We have never seen so many apple trees in one place. We also saw tons of pear trees, grapes, apricots and much more.

When we got the the end of a dirt road we were following along the river, we ran into Crazy Larry's Berries. We had no idea it was at the end of our drive, but we were happy to find it. It was way too hot to pick our own berries, so we paid the extra dollar for a pound already picked.

I took hundreds of pictures of this incredible area. The Wenatchee River running through the orchards with the Cascade mountains for a background, then finding a blueberry farm, it is paradise for photos. :-)

Here is a paste of what I could find on google about Crazy Larry's Berries and how it all got started. We didn't know all this when we talked to him, but we do know his blueberries are awesome. :-)


When Larry Rawls retired after 40 years with Van Doren Sales, a rocking chair on the porch just wasn’t his gig. “I figured I gotta do something when I retire.” As it turned out, that something is blueberries.

The 5-acre lot he and his wife, Carolyn, purchased in Monitor was in pears. But the thought of managing an orchard of pears and the associated equipment, including tall ladders, didn’t appeal to him or his 60-something body. With that decision made, the pears trees were removed and replaced with blueberries.

Planting started in the spring of 2007. “I was out planting blueberry bushes in the middle of April in a snowstorm. We had been trying to come up for a name for the business,” said Larry. “My daughter, Melody, was helping me, and I yelled through the snowstorm to her, ‘This is crazy!.’ She said, ‘How about Crazy Larry’s Berries?’ And it stuck.”

The Rawls have most of their 5 acres planted with 6 different varieties of blueberries, with harvest times staggered to allow for a 5-week picking season beginning around the second week in July. Their blueberry bushes are currently loaded with big, ripe berries, some larger than a quarter. With berries that size and quantity, it doesn’t take very long at all to pick 10 pounds.

U-pick blueberries at Crazy Larry’s Berries sell for $2.50 per pound. If you simply don’t have the time to enjoy getting out in the field and picking them yourself, they will pick them for you for $3.50 per pound. Their hours are Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. - they are closed on Sunday.

Crazy Larry’s Berries is located in Monitor, and their address is 4350 Kelly Road. You can Google that address for a map. Call them at home at (509)782-4326 or by cell at (509)670-9177. END of PASTE

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