YAYYY we are here in the country music capital of the world... i love love love it. I really wanna buy a pair of hideously expensive proper cowboy boots so we shall see how I cope with that...

Hit the country music hall of fame this morning, it was awesome, they even had a wee video clip of the Chesney so that made me happy (wearing my Chesmeister tshirt today and fitting in beautifully I'd like to think). Anyway had all sorts of cool things like Dolly Parton's outfits and various ppl's cowboy boots, also whole enormous history of country music so now I feel a lot more knowledgable. I was quite pleased at the amount of artists and songs I already knew... looking forward to that country music collection ellie got me for xmas when i get home, armed with my new expertise...

anyway that's what we've been up to, in the public library now, free internet, bonanza!

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