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Marilyn & I sat outdoors under the awning, to sip our coffee and enjoy the early morning stillness.

Marilyn saw a deer walking slowly toward our Site, so I got up, grabbed a large pitcher and poured fresh water into the small tub we put out for the deer.

The deer we had seen perked right up and climbed the steps up the hill toward us.

Then we noticed a second deer.

Marilyn had her camera and began taking photos as the two deer joined us at our Site.

They nibbled on the grass and drank the fresh water, as we took pictures.

The deer remained with us, only a few feet away, for quite some time and we sure enjoyed their company.

I will share the pictures with you and hope you enjoy them too.

The deer finally wandered off but we are sure they will visit us again.

Bob walked over for a minute or so, before he and Janet were off on an adventure.

Steve & Cathy also stopped by before leaving for a white water rafting trip through the Royal Gorge.

The rest of our gang have an appointment for a white water rafting trip next Tuesday.

For today we have things to get done around here. With our washing machine inoperative, Marilyn went to the resort laundry room to get our laundry done.

I made the bed, dried the dishes, and straightened things up in and around the RV.

It looked like it might rain so I put the lawn furniture away, leaving the only remaining chore, to roll up the awning.

Marilyn returned with her laundry. She then folded and put it away.

By then it was lunch time and she fixed one of my favorite lunches, BLT sandwiches. Each of us ate two of them and I probably could have forced another one down, but didn’t. LOL

Marilyn went outdoors to read her book while I became engrossed in a National Geographic documentary on TV.

Later the guys gathered at Steve & Cathy’s site. Cathy was taking a nap but the guys sat outdoors talking about “man” subjects.

Around dinner time Steve & Cathy rode with us to the Gooseberry Patch for dinner.

As we neared the RV resort on our return, we ran into rain and it was quite heavy for awhile.

Now all is well, the sun is shining again and it is really nice and comfortable outdoors.

We have another adventure planned for tomorrow, so come along with us.

Life is Good!

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