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First impresions of our hostel was that it wasn't exactly located in the most picturesque part of town. Our location reminded me a bit of springvale or something but that didn't matter. The train and tram were a 5 min walk, and they took us straight into town.

I'll introduce you to our roomie, Damo. The name pretty much speaks for itself but basically he was a 30 something year old from Darwin who didn't want to go to America when he was younger because you can't "suck on the piss untill your 21".....need I say more? We were concerned when Laura told us he was swigging on his flask of absinthe at 3 in the afternoon. He offered Laura some and she accepted so was off with the green faries for the rest of the night....imagine!

There really wasnt much to choose from when it came aorund to dinner time, so we'd czech out the local bowling alley and its traditional food on offer. The goulash was quite tasty, although I dont rate the bread dumplings that were served alongside it. It was quite a chalenge getting used to the new currency that was thrust upon us but we managed to get by.

We hit up the bar at the hostel for some drinks and a bit more of a feed. We saw a few familliar faces so chatted for a while and planned to go bowling the next day although that didn't happen as 'all full...all full'. So that was the end of that!

As per past experiance, we have found it good to get on board the walking tours in each city to get our bearings. This one was not the best to date. Our guide was indeed humerous, yet had a heaving czech accent so was hard to understand at some points. The rain was also teaming down so I was very happy with myself for purchasing a cheap and nasty umbrella the day before, it seemed to do the job except for big gusts of wind. The walking tour also included a boat cruise along the river which was a bit different and the rain managed to stop for a couple of minutes to allow us to take pictures of the infamous Charles Bridge. The three of us wandered around town for the rest of the afternoon and had lunch in a nice restaurant looking out over the old town square. It was a lovely town and had many beautifully designed buildings and fountains.

The day after we explored the old prague castle, but not before breakfast in a bagle shop! Myself, being the stinge I am decided not to purchase a castle pass. Didn't matter too much. I saw some lovely gardens, visited my 100th church for the trip and had a nice lunch in a restaurant up the mountain (i was chuffed with the 30% off student discount!). I made quite a few mates by asking numerous couples to take a photo of me! I met some Austrian and some Sweedes who were very nice and wished me well on my travels. My trip home was interesting...Exhausted from walking all day I decided to take the metro home. I recognised the stop I was meant to get off at so did just that. Something along the lines of Nasksjod Herujsn. As I emerged into the daylight from the dark underground my heart stopped. Where was I? Nothing looked familliar. I looked around and asked all the shop keepers if they spoke englisha and could help me find out where I was. Of course no one did. I peered into my pack and realised I only had 6 gummy bears left. I needed to be smart with how I rationed them as they may need to last me a while. I walked around the other side of the train station to see if I recognised any landmarks....nothing! I was about to loose hope when I spotted a McDonalds in the distance, thank god for wi-fi! Turns out I was at the right station....just a different part of it a block away from where we got on. Made it home after 45 mins or so starving to death!

With the small amount of converted cash I had, I went to get some chinese takeaway, while the others dined in a fancy mexican restaurant. When we got back in our room Damo was there, about to go out with a 7-11 worker and a striper.....we decided to decline the offer, packed our bags and went to sleep ready to wake up early for our bus to Vienna, Austria in the morning!

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