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Today's route

Dino the dinosaur at a Sinclair branded gas station

What a strange place to unload Corvettes

Welcome to Muscogee - bad framing

Okie's Steakhouse & Saloon

Muscogee guitar being played by a pipe cowboy sitting on a stool

Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

Girl Scout cookie sale monument

Route 69

Winnie at the Choctaw Casino and KOA

With our stay in Claremore last night, we (Winnie and I, Sue is a couple states behind) can officially add Oklahoma to our list of states we have visited, only 13 more to go including Alaska and Hawaii. I don’t think Winnie will make it to Hawaii, but she may get to Alaska in the next couple of years if she stays healthy.

Today’s run was entirely in Oklahoma on route 69. Not a bad road as it is 4-lane, divided highway most of the way except when passing through the towns on the route. The biggest city along the way was Muscogee. We visited a couple of roadside attractions while passing through town. One was the “Possessed Bull”. It’s a giant fiberglass bull, one of three we’ve seen along the way, with red eyes that supposedly glow at night. It sits on the roof of the Okie’s Steakhouse and Saloon. Since it was lunch time, we decided to stop in after taking the picture. Our food drought ended at Okie’s. Sue had a great plate of nachos with chicken and I had a triple cheese Jack Daniels burger. The menu said it will “separate the men from the boys”. I joined the ranks of the men today. It was delicious, requiring the Fieri hunch to get my mouth on it and prevent juice from running down my arms, but my old man’s stomach said it was too much as we drove on in the afternoon. The decorations in the saloon were old west to be sure, but with a few variations like an Incredible Hulk standing up on the balcony level looking down on the diners below. Sue managed to make a friend as we were leaving as you can see in the pictures.

One of the other attractions in Muscogee is a bronze statue of a little Girl Scout that commemorates the first sale of Girl Scout cookies that occurred in Muscogee in 1917. The cookies sold were personally baked by the Mistletoe Troop to raise money for gifts to be sent to doughboys fighting in WWI.

Since Muscogee is famous for country music (I’m Proud to be an Okie from Muscogee), they appeared to have gone the route of making fiberglass guitars that have been placed around town by various groups as other towns have done with things that are associated with the town. We only managed to get one decent picture of the guitars. They have also repurposed the Frisco Freight Depot as the Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Fame. It was hot and it really didn’t look like it was open so we didn’t stop.

We ended the day at another KOA at another Indian casino. This one is owned by the Choctaw Nation and the casino and campground are much more elaborate that the one we stayed at last night. We didn’t go to the casino tonight. Last night wore us out and I didn’t want to put my winnings at risk. Since I was up very late last night, I’m going to bring this to a close and get some sleep. G’night.

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