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The wall of bones

Looking toward fossil layer

Trail to fossil layer

Leg bone out in fossil layer

Canyon with rock art

Humans with necklaces and Lizard

Red Canyon, southern part of Flaming Gorge, white dot is powerboat

Good reception in Manila, UT this morning, so I am trying to catch up as John replaces our propane tanks.

I should mention that we just caught the tiny western corner of Dinosaur National.  The park is huge, mostly backcountry.  Oh, and the "wall" of dino bone deposits is because the layers of rocks are standing near vertical in this area instead of laying horizontal.

Also, a really fascinating feature of the park is the rock art.  We drove up a side canyon and could climb up to the walls to examine it.  Amazing to think about the ancestors of the Utes who made these a thousand or more years ago! Thought of you, Lucy and Eric.

We just touched on the Flaming Gorge.  Looks like that is one we will have to come back to sometime.  Delicious geology and scenery!

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