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4 young eagles in a tree, can you find them?

A bunch of eagles waiting for the salmon

Mama grizzly and some of the cubs crossing over to fish

A fish head snack for all

Mama fishes some more

So Hey!

I don't know how many pictures you got the last posting. The message I got said that only 3 didn't make it. But who knows. Anyway, I'm resending some of the eagles and the grizzlies. Hope you'll enjoy them whatever you get.

WE're getting WAY behind in the postings aren't we. We've been traveling and the Wifi again is iffy. I'm at a hot spot, (the arcade with the campground teens) at the moment. Joe is sick with his cold...really nasty one. Maybe I can talk him in to taking a shorter day on the road tomorrow.

From Valdez we went back to the campground we loved in Tok, from there to Whitehorse, to Watson Lake, to Ft. Nelson, to Dawson Creek.

We left Watson Lake and drove to Ft. Nelson two days ago. This is the loveliest, and windiest part of the road. Saw lots of critters again including a much larger herd of bison which actually took over the highway for about 20 minutes. I'll let the photos and commentary on them do the talking.

Watson Lake we stayed at the campground I sent the email from that didn't completely go through. We met up again with a couple from Tennessee we met there on the way up to AK. We've been going to the same campgrounds with them for the past 2 nights. The one in Dawson Creek was MUCH nicer than the one we stayed in on the way TO Alaska. Joe told the owner, he'd not been in such a nice shower since he left home...they actually made you take off your street shoes before entering the shower area. They really were beautiful even if they did cost $1.00 for 2.5 minutes. We each took $2.00 showers! (Actually this is quite common in Canada...we've only been to one campground in CA where we didn't pay for a shower).

Anyway, we're now in Edmonton, Alberta and will see what tomorrow brings.

Love to all,

Ingrid, joe and Colden

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