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We were asked what kind

She is admiring The Icycle

July 19,  2012

We were asked what kind of dinosaurs were in there.  The first couple of photos are of some we saw just outside the park.  

Seriously, Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus and several others, some big, some little, all scattered in a mudflow at least 10 feet deep.  The wall of dinosaur bones still in the rock inside the building is really cool.  But most impressive was hiking the trail outside and putting my hand on a leg bone weathering out right there in the rock.  Visions of just how big that animal had been, lying there so very long ago!

John found a fossil fish scale in a broken piece of shale on the banks of the Green River.  The campground was right on the river and was cool at night but hot in the midday.  

I practiced hill climbing this morning.  We biked up about 350 feet of elevation getting out of the campground and rode 8 miles to the visitor center.  Biking back after our hike was warm.  My bike computer said it was 101 degrees at one point.  Of course, that was in the sun and on the pavement, but it still felt like a frying pan.  Glad it didn't take too long.  The gorgeous scenery made it go by faster.

Then on to the southern tip of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  The scenery on the way was pretty great but we just happened to stop at a NFS campground and then rode our bikes about 3 miles on down a beautiful little road to find Red Canyon.  Several marmots were not too happy at our passing.  Guess they didn't like our looks.  But hummingbirds are sure checking us out, that or they are demanding to know where we put the feeders.

It is overcast this evening, and we are higher, so it is VERY nice outside!

More photos when reception is better.

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