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Ceiling of the cloister-fan vaulting designed in 1350s

More of the cloister east walk-architectural wonder of world

View of organ

Choir seats and Lady Chapel where Evensong is held each night

Practice before going to the evensong

Mom chatting with Evelyn from Baptist church soup kitchen

St. Anne's gate-John Hooper executed-Queen watched from window of our practice room...

Today was a wet, cool day in the morning so we puttered away the day by walking through the shops and stores that we hadn't explored yet- The Olde Woollen Mill and a great big department store where we had coffee. Then we walked to the train station to check out the details of our train for Ely Monday and continued our back street explorations. We popped in a Baptist Church which had a cafe with reasonably priced food and since Mom had an assignment from her pastor to visit other church soup kitchens and drop in centres, we went in. A lovely lady named Evelyn served us and we chatted with her for a few minutes. Mom gathered some pamphlets to bring back to her church and share with her pastor. The Beatrix Potter museum was next since her book "The Tailor of Gloucester" is set in the countryside around Gloucester. It was enchanting! We then were off to Evensong where I finally was able to take some pictures inside the cathedral which are absolutely spectacular! I cannot say that I have ever seen anything like this cathedral before. It is said to be an architectural phenomenon because of the fan vaulting ceiling. Built in the 1400s it makes you wonder how this was constructed without any cranes or modern technology!

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