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A scary cactus...saying "boo!"


Happy Independence Day, Americans!!

Bob and I met Bunk and Brenda at the Walmart parking lot near the Fiesta Casino this evening to watch the fireworks. Wow, what a crowd was there! Had a good time. On the way home, we saw fireworks all over the place...pretty neat ones, too, put up by either a business or an individual. Fireworks are actually illegal in Clark County but they are for sale to people who say they are going to use them elsewhere....yeah, right. I don't know if anyone's ever actually been arrested for setting them off here and I hope they never are because there are some pretty neat ones to be had...and seen.


Boy, is it HOT here! I realize people on the east coast have had some very hot weather also…and their’s is mixed with that dreaded humidity but at least there’s a break in their heat coming. Here it’s only getting hotter. I think it’s supposed to be 113˚ tomorrow. Thankfully, though, the temps inside haven’t gone higher than 90˚ during the day and it does cool off some after the sun goes down and we can close off the LR and kitchen a/c vents and direct all that cool air to the bedroom so it’s been very nice sleeping.

Because of the heat, we haven’t really been doing much of anything. I usually get out geocaching early-ish before the heat sets in then just sort of loaf around the house the rest of the day. Granted, I COULD go down to the pool and loaf around down there and keep cool at the same time but for some reason, I’ve just not done it this year.

How many of you have ever driven in the “lemming lane”? Have you ever noticed when you’re on a road with more than 2 lanes in each direction and you come to a traffic light that one line of cars waiting for the light to change is much longer than the other? That long line is the lemming lane, according to my son and daughter-in-law, where everyone just follows the car in front of them instead of going to the shorter line. Goodness, we learn so much from our children.


Well, tomorrow is our last day in Las Vegas. We are pulling out tomorrow a.m. and heading for Yosemite National Forest with a stop in Mojave, California to visit Edwards AFB then maybe another stop along the way to Yosemite.

The other day, Bob went geocaching with me and we stopped at a little park here in North Las Vegas where there’s geese and ducks and a small lake with a nice waterfall and we had ourselves a little picnic and fed the birds. It was nice…but, as usual, hot!! There was one female mallard there with just one baby. I guess the fish got the rest and she was keeping that baby close to her. He’d scoot through the water, though, and go after the bread as quickly as the big guys did.

My weather radio has been going off every 20 minutes or so, warning of flash floods, 50-cent sized hail, strong wind gusts and severe cloud-to-ground lightning here in Vegas. We don’t have to worry about the flooding here in the campground but I’m a little concerned about the hail and wind. There are other areas that really get hit with flooding when Mother Nature decides to finally send some rain. Right now we’re getting a tiny bit of rain and a little wind (thank goodness that’s all) but there are storms north and northwest of us where the lightning is putting on a spectacular show.

I’m starting to get a bit tense about our move on Monday. We’ve been here so long, I’ve forgotten how to pack stuff so it doesn’t go all over the place. I’ll be okay once we’re back to traveling again.


Out for our last day of geocaching in Las Vegas and we did see the results of last night’s storms as we traveled the mud covered roads to the west of us. There are many roads covered with stones and rocks and other debris and the washes actually have water in them. Because the deserts around here are hard and gravel covered, the water just rushes right over them as if they were cement.

Okay, mostly all packed up and ready to go tomorrow. California, here we come!!

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