Tour de France travel blog

For the last blog of the trip we present Lessons Learned over the last 15 days:

• Cycle with your mouth shut – unless you like eating bugs

• If there are two rooms with an ocean view, and one with a dumpster view, the single guy isn’t getting the ocean view…

• When you come to a complete stop, make sure your bike shoes are unclipped.

• When it starts to rain, the number one priority is keeping your pastry dry.

• Don’t pass by a patisserie without at least looking in the window

• You can’t find bad wine in France

• There is an 80% chance that as soon as Al finishes a costume change into his full rain gear, the rain will stop.

• You’re never too full for the cheese plate

• In hotels without elevators, the more luggage you bring, the more flights of stairs you’ll have to climb to reach your room

• No matter how hard you try, five people with luggage cannot fit into a French Hotel elevator

• Even if the waitress brings you something completely different from what you thought you ordered – its still good.

• There’s always room for one more chateau tour.

• If it’s red and fruity, it’s not beer, notwithstanding they claim it is.

• If the clouds are about to open up, have a cappuccino.

Au Revoir

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