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Moat and castle wall at Guerande

Salt marsh

Arriving at Le Croisic

It's been a hard 15 days and nights...

See, there is is blue sky sometimes!

Harbor front in Le Croisic

The end of the line!

Bruce and Judy

Good Friends

Last Lunch

St. Brevin to Le Croisic

The morning began with a cab ride across a 4 km long suspension bridge connecting St. Brevin les Pins with St. Nazaire. The cab was pre-arranged – the winds are ferocious and the tour operator thought it safer for cyclists to cross in a car.

Even with the taxi ride, it was a 65 km cycle today. The patisserie stop du jour was at St. Andre des Eaux – one of the best bakeries of the entire trip.

Shortly after noon we arrived in Guerande, which has an enormous walled “castle”, giving the centre of town a very medieval theme. Today was market day – within the walls of the castle there must have been 100+ merchants selling just about anything and everything.

After getting caught in a 15 minute storm, we continued on, biking about 5 km through a salt marsh, where they actually harvest the salt.

We arrived at Le Croisic about 2:00. Le Croisic (pop 4600) is a harbour town occupying a peninsula to the west of the Cote d'Amour. Though still an active fishing port, tourism is clearly the biggest industry. There must have been 35 restaurants and cafes along the 1 km harbour front. (“Kelowna on steroids” was one description.)

After a great lunch in the sun (crepes), we cycled around the peninsula Le Croisic on. Throngs of people were walking along the sea shore, although there weren’t too many actually on the beach, given the cool weather.

Today was our last day of cycling. Tomorrow Lorne, Bruce and Judy head to Paris to catch a flight home on Monday morning, while Al and Sue head south to Trizay to begin week three of their seven week sojourn.

15 days, 750 kms, a dozen chateaus, some great wine, great food, great scenery; no flats or chain breaks. Only one rude waiter. But all good things must come to an end. We have one more blog tomorrow (“Lessons Learned”) and then sign off. Those of you interested in following Al and Sue will able to see their blog – the first entry should be on Monday.

Bon soir.

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